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 Confessions of a Pop Performer(1975)

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PostSubject: Confessions of a Pop Performer(1975)   Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:31 pm

Confessions from the Pop Scene.
Confessions of a Pop Performer is a 1975 British SexFarce film. This second instalment continues the erotic adventures of Timothy Lea and is based on the novels written under the name by christopher wood In this case, the original novel was called
Sidney overhears a band in his local pub and aspires to be their manager, not so ably assisted by his brother in law, Timmy, both still window cleaning for a living. They rename the band Kipper and after a misfortune, Timmy joins the line-up and many sexual encounters follow as a result! Unfortunately, Timmy's natural talent is more mayhem than rock star and disaster ensues of mostly the semi-clothed kind!

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Confessions of a Pop Performer(1975)
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