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 Birds of A Feather 1989-1998

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PostSubject: Birds of A Feather 1989-1998   Tue May 07, 2013 4:41 am

For sisters Sharon Theodopolopodos and Tracey Stubbs, life is never the same again when their husbands are convicted of armed robbery and sent to prison. Sharon, a common, large and loud-mouthed character from Edmonton, moves into her wealthy sister's luxury home in Chigwell, so that the two can give each other support.
Sharon has always felt inadequate next to her slimmer, elder sister Tracey and felt she had the tougher childhood. Her marriage to Chris, a waster of Greek Cypriot descent, was miserable and childless, due to her "inability" to have children. She is condemned by Chris's family for this but Sharon discovers, during series one, that Chris is the infertile one. Sharon happily cheats on Chris and gives him grief when visiting. Despite this, she only ever makes half-hearted attempts to divorce him.
Tracey, however, loves her husband, Darryl, whose legitimate business was building conservatories, however he made most of his wealth from robbing banks on the side. Unlike Sharon who tends to be more realistic regarding their husbands, Tracey often deludes herself into believing her husband is innocent, especially in the Christmas Special "The Chigwell Connection", and when Darryl is finally released in series seven, she once again grows naive and gullible, which leads to Darryl defrauding her out of her business assets. He and Tracey have a son, Garth, who becomes a chef after going to boarding school, and eventually marries Kimberley.
The sisters' neighbour is the wealthy, snobbish, man-eating Dorien Green, a middle aged woman who strives to create the impression that she is a glamorous young beauty, and who dresses in a sexually provocative style, preferring mini skirts, high heels and leopard prints. Dorien is married to the rarely seen Marcus, but is always getting involved with other men. Dorien and Marcus are Jewish. Her marriage was also childless, due to her vanity and the lack of affection between her and Marcus. She is a regular, if uninvited, guest at Tracey's house, and mocks Sharon about her weight, whilst Sharon teases Dorien about her lifestyle and age. This mutual teasing is friendly and playful rather than serious or hurtful, and it is often shown that Sharon and Tracey care for Dorien and vice versa. If any of them get into trouble or have a problem, the others are often the first to help, regardless of the consequences.
Although Dorien had several flings with younger men, Luke, was her most frequent lover and she appeared to genuinely love him. From the first series until he left Dorien for a younger woman in the second series. He later appeared in the eight series, his first and only appearance, where it is revealed he has married and settled down. Dorien's arch-nemesis is the acid-tongued Melanie
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Birds of A Feather 1989-1998
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