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 Ever Decreasing Circles 1984-1989

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PostSubject: Ever Decreasing Circles 1984-1989   Tue May 07, 2013 4:31 am

riers played Martin Bryce, an obsessive middle-aged man who is at the centre of his local suburban community. This relatively unsympathetic character was the antithesis of Tom Good,[2] yet Briers has said it was his favourite sitcom role.
Martin is married to the motherly and patient Ann (Penelope Wilton), and has a settled, orderly lifestyle, until he encounters their new next-door neighbour, ex-British Army officer and Cambridge Blue, Paul Ryman (Peter Egan). Paul is everything Martin is not – adventurous, laissez-faire, flippant, witty, handsome and charming; in the words of Martin, a "couldn't care less, come on life..... amuse me, merchant". He attempts to join in with the activities of Martin and his friends, but his fresh thinking causes Martin to see him as a rival, who might want to "take over" Martin's self-appointed role as organiser. Martin's obsession with order and stability also leads him to get upset at Paul's minor changes to routine, such as sitting at a different table in the local pub. A running joke throughout the four series is Martin's insistence that the telephone receiver be placed a particular way on the cradle (this being an old-style telephone, where the receiver could go either way). Paul runs his own business, a hair salon, and later, a health studio.

A lovely sitcom. Very Happy
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Ever Decreasing Circles 1984-1989
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