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 Porridge 1979

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PostSubject: Porridge 1979   Tue May 07, 2013 4:21 am

Set a year before the final episode of the series, Fletcher and Godber are forced by another inmate to escape from prison and then have to try to break back in before they're found by the police.
Three one-off characters made an impact in the film. Rudge, played by Daniel Peacock, was a young, timid prisoner in the Godber mould, seen arriving for his three-year stretch for shoplifting at the beginning of the film. He came into his own when he showed his outstanding football skills during the game which led to the breakout. Oakes, played by Barrie Rutter, was the violent armed robber who arrived in the same van as Rudge and was sprung for the breakout, reluctantly taking Fletcher and Godber with him. Beale, played by Christopher Godwin, was a new prison officer who subscribed to the firm approach to the job, but proved easy to manipulate into recommending a celebrity football match.

A great film.
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Porridge 1979
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